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The Snow Queen

New year - a time of miracles not only for children. this wonderful christmas evening Kutёzh team realized for a big family.

New Year is a time of miracles not only for children. This fabulous Christmas evening was realized by the kutёzh team for a large family.

An important purpose of this event was to preserve the warmth of the precious time spent with the family and connect it with a snow magic décor, the presence of the snow queen who enchanted the forest and covered every inch of the room with snow.

The enchanted forest, forged gates symbolizing the kingdom of the snow queen, snow–white snowdrifts, among which scarlet roses bloomed - this magic remained in the heart of every guest in reality.

Продюсер: Анна Мокринская
Режиссер: Ваган Сароян
Декоратор: Lidseventhouse