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Victoria’s Birthday party

May 2023

In the heart of Dubai, we crafted a magical event - the "25+25" Birthday for Victoria. This day was enveloped in enchantment and symbolism, allowing guests to experience true magic.

Victoria has a deep love for stories featuring magical castles, enchantment, and wizardry. Therefore, for the guests, we devised a portal that transported them from the urban setting of Dubai to a fairytale world: a blossoming hotel terrace enveloped in magical mist, a stylized photo area adorned with roses, and incredible aromas!

Flowers in Victoria's favorite shade of blue adorned the entire hall, creating an incredible atmosphere. Guests enjoyed performances by renowned artists, with Sergey Lazarev being a delightful surprise.

As Victoria is professionally involved with essential oils, our celebration was not only surrounded by fresh beautiful flowers but also by specially crafted fragrances. Each table featured an aromatic sphere with an individual story and scent associated with Victoria's relationship with the guest. Neroli, rose, vetiver, and many other oils were available for guests to take home.

This Birthday became a true fairytale, brimming with magic and joy that is impossible to forget. We are delighted to have been part of such a story!