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Alisha’s Coquette Core Party

february 2024

The venue for the event was chosen not by chance. Our birthday girl Alina knows every corner of Old Basmannaya, as she used to run around them in her childhood and never imagined that in the future, an event of Versailles scale would take place at the "Publica" restaurant.

The fashion of the 18th century is the fashion for youth, luxury, and carefree attitude. Therefore, the dress code adhered to three postulates. First, as many bows, ribbons, lace, corsets, frilled knitwear, and most importantly - pearls! Second, the clothes should be of delicate colors. And third, details: wigs, drawn beauty marks, blush, pale skin. All three accents were fully observed by the guests, each supporting the mood of the evening and dressed to perfection!

The transformation of the space occurred through the use of drapery. The right fabric, folds, pleating created an atmosphere of refinement, elegance, and intimacy. Light played a key role in this story: instead of regular light fixtures, we used candles, trying to fully immerse everyone in the atmosphere.

From the very welcome, we adhered to the concept of the event, a modern coquette core: we combined the classical sound of the violin with DJ beats.

The details fully completed the picture of the evening:

a tower of champagne glasses - the birthday girl's dream, especially according to legend, it was the shape of Marie Antoinette's chest that was used as a mold for the elegant champagne flute.

The candy bar was entirely made by our team: delicate swans, towers of macarons, Turkish delight, towers of pastille, marshmallows, and cranberries in powdered sugar.

The birthday girl's concert with her band. Alina performed compositions that somehow influenced her, leaving warm memories throughout the year.

Our birthday girl had 2 outfits.

Performing the "Minuet" dance with all the guests under the careful guidance of a professional choreographer.

And, of course, the cake, which was made to match the event's stylistics, in pink and white tones.