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Danila and Anna’s wedding

october 2023

Our couple Anya and Danya love warm family evenings, traveling around Italy, and listening to Italian music. We faced the task of transforming the classical interior of the "Villa Rotonda," with its columns and classical interiors, into a cozy and warm space so that every guest could feel like in a warm autumn garden.




We achieved this effect in several ways by mixing directorial decisions and decorators' vision.

From a visual standpoint, we were inspired by the classical Italian style. The main art objects in the decor were fruits combined with fashionable floristry and bread.




Yes, especially for Danya and Anya's wedding, we baked minimalist flowers and added baguettes to the compositions. These decisions added extra coziness and warmth. The main colors were beige and peach. We wanted to consider every detail.

La vita e bella! Life is beautiful as it is - this phrase became the basis for the meaning of Danya and Anya's evening. Family values, generational continuity, soulful evenings, and dances with loved ones.

For the wedding ceremony, we built a pontoon on the pond and placed decorative structures on it in the wedding style. Together with the scriptwriter, we wrote the ceremony text for the host, consisting of the couple's story of acquaintance, characters, and humorous moments.

The bride and groom walked out to the guests accompanied by one of our country's leading pianists, Oleg Akkuratov.

The celebration was full of love and unexpected surprises from the couple and the guests, with one of the highlights of the evening being a video interview thanking the parents.